At Boston Oncology, we seek to increase access to specialty medications in developing nations and emerging markets by localizing technology and manufacturing capabilities. We do this in two ways.

First, we acquire and manage product licenses and manufacturing processes as part of a world-class portfolio of small-molecule and biotechnology therapies. Second, we establish local factories to deploy this product portfolio across the developing world.

This approach represents a significant departure from the current model, as shown here:

Oncology Drug Development in Emerging Markets

Current Model Boston Oncology Model
  • Drugs imported; production done outside the nation
  • Dominated by global pharma companies
  • Drugs produced in-nation
  • Domestic manufacturers compete with global pharma companies
Leads To…
  • Limited supply of drugs and treatments available for local citizens
  • Local economies cut out of business, labor, research, and educational opportunities
  • Greater supply of drugs and treatments available to local citizens
  • More favorable balance of trade
  • High-tech labor opportunities
  • Enhanced national research profiles
  • Increased educational opportunities