Boston Oncology is a biopharmaceutical company that invests in the health and prosperity of developing nations and emerging markets around the world through local development and production of biopharmaceutical products.

Specifically, we provide the resources and capital needed by developing nations to produce and distribute their own specialty generic small-molecule and biotechnology therapies. We do this by building and managing a global portfolio of pharmaceutical products and by establishing local manufacturing facilities in target markets.

Traditionally, developing nations have imported specialty drugs, like oncology treatments, in limited supply and at great cost from external manufacturers, to the detriment of local citizens and economy. We aim to provide a better model for those markets ready to invest in their own development.

We do not simply sell pharmaceuticals. Rather, like the central atom in a molecule, we unite parties from three communities – in medicine, research and technology, and business – who share a commitment to the prosperity of the developing world. Our corporate logo captures this idea:

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