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Boston Oncology, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.  Our affiliate, Tadawy, Bio-Medical Co., is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We were founded in 2004 and registered in 2012 to commercialize specialty pharmaceuticals in emerging markets. In 2013 we broke ground on a manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia to serve the markets of the Gulf.

Through our American headquarters we focus on in-licensing approved generic small-molecule products and co-developing and commercializing biosimilar products.  Through our facilities in developing and emerging nations we locally-register, manufacture and market the specialty pharmaceuticals. Learn more about our process.

We aim to invest in the development of emerging markets throughout the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Currently, we have operations in the Arabian Gulf and are targeting projects in Argentina, Malaysia and Turkey. Nations ideally suited for development offer:

  • A large population base with a strong growth rate
  • A strong GDP with significant health care expenditures
  • Supportive institutions including:
    • established and expanding hospitals
    • payers expanding insurance coverage
    • increasing governmental promotion of joint purchasing, consumption of generics, and local production of pharmaceuticals
  • A scarcity of quality generic and/or locally manufactured pharmaceutical products
  • The existence of several high-profile champions who want to be part of the pharmaceutical transformation