One of the most promising new approaches in modern medicine is biotechnology or, as known in our market, biologics. Biologics either derive from or incorporate the use of living cells or chemical compounds from the human body for the synthesis of new cells. From these cells, scientists can harvest proteins and enzymes for use in medical applications. Biologics are used to synthesize blood and blood components, vaccines, somatic cells, gene therapy, allergenics, tissues, and – as relevant for cancer patients and oncologists – recombinant therapeutic proteins.

As a form of targeted therapy for cancer, biologics offer key advantages over chemotherapy by:

  • Augmenting and enhancing the body’s natural tendency to defend itself against malignant tumors without damaging healthy tissue
  • Targeting the underlying mechanisms and pathways of disease, instead of merely addressing the symptoms of disease
  • Acting on malignant cells exclusively, preserving the surrounding healthy tissue