Class-Leading Biogenerics

Boston Oncology maintains a diverse and extensive portfolio of best-in-class generic and biosimilar therapeutics—USFDA / EMA registered and licensed from world-renowned innovator companies—supporting the entire patient journey.

Class-leading generics and biosimilars, supporting the entire patient journey
Boston Oncology Arabia Facility

We are very proud of our reputation for anticipating demand, and growing our portfolio with precision. Our products include the most widely used formulations in critical care, oncology, and pain relief—offering a comprehensive solution to healthcare providers and hospitals.

Leveraging our Global footprint and extensive International experience, Boston Oncology is able to secure licensing agreements for the best formulations in the US and European markets. We deliver products of unparalleled quality by creating modular and highly flexible local manufacturing facilities, sourcing API from the same batches manufactured for the US and European markets; and even pursuing regional approvals using the same files submitted for the original USFDA / EMA registration.

Boston Oncology is aggressively pursuing a research and development program to offer next generation treatments through critical care medicines, specialty generics, oncology products, orphan drugs, and narcotics.

USFDA / EMA Registered and Licensed Therapeutics

Product Portfolio


3.5mg Powder for Solution

250mg Tablet

500mg Tablet

1 mg/mL Concentrate for Solution

50mg Film-Coated Tablet

70mg Film-Coated Tablet

100mg Film-Coated Tablet

500mg Powder for Solution

200mg Powder for Solution

1000mg Powder for Solution

1000mg Concentrate for Solution

20mg/mL Concentrate for Solution

80mg/mL Concentrate for Solution

2.5mg Film-Coated Tablet 

50mg Powder for Solution

100mg Powder for Solution

20mg/mL Concentrate for Solution

60mg Tablet

24mg/mL Solution for Injection

Critical Care

0.1mg/mL Solution for Injection

1mg/mL Solution for Injection

10mg/mL Solution for Injection

Speciality Generics

100mg/mL Solution for Injection

30mg/mL Solution for Injection

100mg/mL Solution for Injection

90mg Film-Coated Tablet

180mg Film-Coated Tablet

360mg Film-Coated Tablet

150mg Powder for Solution

4mg Concentrate for Solution


50mg Powder for Concentrate for Solution

70mg Powder for Concentrate for Solution

350mg Powder for Solution

50mg/vial Powder for Solution

75mg Capsule

24mg/mL Solution for Infusion

100mg Powder for Concentrate for Solution


20mg Solution for Injection

40mg Solution for Injection

60mg Solution for Injection

80mg Solution for Injection