Boston Oncology

Boston Oncology Arabia

Boston Oncology Arabia, our GCC entity in Saudi Arabia, exemplifies the value and effectiveness of the Boston Oncology model.

We have laid a foundation to become the leading local provider of specialty biogenerics in Saudi Arabia. We are the Kingdom’s top supplier of narcotics and specialty antifungal medication, and have built a strong presence in the Saudi “NUPCO” tender market—having participated in the tenders of 95 products.

Bringing high tech and specialized manufacturing to the region
KSA is an underserved market

Boston Oncology Arabia is under contract for 3 years as a preferred supplier to King Faisal Specialist Hospital, and has sold to 15 government hospitals. In 2020, we had the first biosimilar product registered with the SFDA for local manufacturing, and we have 44 products in front of the SFDA as of early 2022.

Our manufacturing center in Saudi Arabia houses a leading-edge GMP certified facility, with an annual vial capacity of over 30 million units, delivering class-leading quality—quickly, reliably, and at affordable prices in the local market.

In its Vision 2030 framework, the Kingdom has set bold and ambitious goals for its future. Boston Oncology Arabia is fully aligned with these objectives—improving KSA healthcare services, creating local jobs, employing a predominantly female workforce, in-sourcing innovation, bringing high tech and specialized manufacturing to the region, improving well-being, happiness and opportunity for citizens, producing products for local and regional markets, promoting KSA as a logistical hub for International trade, and contributing to a diverse and sustainable economy.

Promoting KSA as a logistical hub for International trade