Boston Oncology

Deliberate Growth Trajectory

Since the company’s inception, the Boston Oncology team has built a foundation to fulfill the Founders’ ambition of having the greatest impact on the largest number of people — through best-in-class, affordable therapeutics.

Because lived depend on it.
Our team has leveraged deep International expertise in medicine, pharmacology, business, regulatory approvals, and manufacturing —in concert with our determination, creativity, and close understanding of local conditions— to redesign the processes by which high quality therapeutics are deployed in developing Nations and emerging markets.

Driven by our mantra —because lives depend on it— our team works with great care to create processes that ensure success, overcome dynamic obstacles, and reduce challenges and time delays to an absolute minimum. And, processes that are repeatable every day for a growing portfolio of diverse products.

The results of this unconventional approach can be seen in the composition of our portfolio and our innovative and scalable production model—transferring complete manufacturing technologies to the regional facilities.

Our portfolio offerings have evolved from exclusively oncology-focused products to a range of therapeutic categories, including critical care, specialty generics, anti-infectives, and biosimilars.

BO Arabia Commercial Milestones Graph
Cumulative Number of SFDA Approved Products Graph

The Boston Oncology trajectory since 2018 is a testament to the value of this lively yet judicious approach. We have grown our SFDA-approved portfolio from 0 products in 2018 to 5 in 2019, 24 in 2020, 40 in 2021, and a projected 61 in 2022.

In Saudi Arabia, we are targeting a portfolio size of +175 products ranging from entry level narcotics to high use injectables, chemotherapies and biologics.