Boston Oncology

Our Purpose

While medical innovation has thrived in our lifetimes, equitable access to high quality therapeutics has stalled—at best.

Boston Oncology is the embodiment of a purpose—to improve healthcare in underserved communities through best-in-class, affordable, locally developed and manufactured generics and biosimilars.

Delivered when and where they are needed most.

A person's potential to survive or thrive should never be determined by wealth, status, or geography.

Traditionally, developing nations have imported specialty drugs in limited supply and at great cost from external manufacturers—to the detriment of citizens and the local economy. 

The consequence of this model is that a mere fraction of those who are clinically eligible for critical therapeutics actually have access to them.

Boston Oncology was born from the early careers of our Founders. Their first-hand experiences with the healthcare systems in emerging nations cemented the belief that quality healthcare, happiness, economic well-being, and social development are intrinsically linked.

Here, the Founders saw an opportunity—and a duty—to transform unmet needs into value. Value for patients; for hospitals; for communities; for stakeholders.

At Boston Oncology, we proceed from the conviction that the quality of a person’s healthcare—and their potential to survive or thrive—should never be determined by wealth, status, or geography.

Addressing these disparities head-on, Boston Oncology’s deep International experience, regional expertise, and novel approach to locally producing world-class therapeutics enables us to deliver simplified purchasing, unparalleled reliability, and significantly lower costs to our customers.

Each day, we work to upend the paradigm—contributing to meaningful, sometimes life-altering, outcomes for patients; and investing in health and long-term prosperity of local communities.

We confront every effort with the foundational question: What does the patient need?

Then, we innovate.

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities to persevere.