Boston Oncology

International Leadership

Boston Oncology CEO presenting to Saudi Arabia clients
Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with principal offices and a world-class manufacturing center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, our work and our team span continents.

With MENA roots and global networks, our US-trained leadership team infuses into Boston Oncology the insights gained over more than 40 years of close collaboration at the leading edge of pharmaceutical innovation.

Our deep international experience in medicine, pharmacology, business, regulatory approvals, and manufacturing positions Boston Oncology to foresee coming therapeutic needs; and source, license, manufacture, register and successfully commercialize our highly differentiated products.

Boston Oncology Arabia Leadership
Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities to persevere
Our culture of scientific excellence, close collaboration, daring creativity, and unwavering determination is evident in every interaction with the company, and in the quality of each product in our diverse portfolio. We are problem solvers by nature; and our customers recognize that we have the know-how to execute on the products they need, and that we can be relied upon to keep them supplied.